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General Information

The contest is open to competitors worldwide born between 6 September 1988 and 6 September 2006.
Due to our geopolitical situation, heavily influenced by the invasion from the side of the Russian Federation upon our befriended country Ukraine, the participation in this contest this year will be carried out entirely online.
Applications (see below for details and requirements) are open until 25 July 2022, 11:59 pm Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).


Due to the volume of video content and processing, the contestants will be required to send videos for both rounds, as well as the gala concert, no later than 23:59 Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) on 31 August 2022. The address of the server to which videos should be sent will be communicated to you after 25 July 2022. The videos will be processed by a third party. The jury will not have access to the videos prior to the official streaming.
We request the following videos:
  • One video recording of the whole programme for the first round: maximum length 20 minutes.
  • One video recording of each piece for the second round (total length of second round should not exceed 25 minutes).
  • One video of piece(s) of the applicant’s choice for the gala concert, from their own programme from the contest (first and/or second round), 10-15 minutes in total. Concert attire is required for this video.
All videos must be unedited and unpublished. In the videos, hands and face must be visible.
Videos which do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.
These videos will be uploaded to the Banchetto Musicale internet server, and streamed for the audience as well as jury at the scheduled time of the first round: 7 September 2022, beginning at 10:00 Eastern European Summer Time (EEST). The jury will not view the videos prior to the streaming.
The order of participation will be decided no later than 5 September 2022.
The list of participants for the second round will be published on the evening of 7 September 2022.
The gala concert, consisting of the award ceremony and a selection of these videos, will be streamed online on 9 September 2022 at 19:00 EEST.
The order of performances for the first round will be assigned by 5 September 10 2022 at the latest.

Programme Requirements First Round

Contestants must perform a programme of maximum 20 minutes, containing works from the Renaissance and / or Early Baroque. At least two works from the contestant’s chosen programme must be of Polish-Lithuanian heritage. Of these two works, one compulsory piece must be chosen from the following list:
  • Vincenzo Bertolusi (?–1608) Fantasia secundi toni from Kražiai Manuscript, LT-Vn F105-67, f. 40v-42v;
  • Ivo de Vento (ca. 1544–1575): Hor pensat’ al mio mal, intabulation from Braunsberg Organ Tablature, LT-Vn F15-284 (no. 38);
  • A choice of three dances from Braunsberg Organ Tablature, LT-Vn F15-284, out of nos. 228–235;
  • Anonymous (after Girolamo Frescobaldi) Two Ricercars from the Sapieha Album, LT-Vn F30-119. (they count as one piece).
The scores on this list can be downloaded [here]
If contestants wish to present further musical works taken from as-yet-unpublished sources, they must provide the jury with a copy of the manuscript page(s) as well as correct bibliographic data (as used in the examples above), before 1 August 2022.
The tuning temperament required for this round is Meantone ¼ comma. There are no requirements about the pitch.

Programme Requirements Second Round

Contestants must perform a programme of maximum 25 minutes, containing works of the French Early or Late Baroque, plus at least one work by J. S. Bach.
There are no requirements concerning tuning temperament or pitch for the second round.
Both rounds, as well as the gala concert, are open to the public, and will be streamed online within the framework of “Banchetto Musicale” Early Music Festival.
The artistic performance and stylistic practices of the contestants with be assessed by the jury.

The Jury

Alina Rotaru (Vilnius/Bremen)
Imbi Tarum (Tallinn)
Māris Kupčs (Riga)
Marcin Szelest (Kraków)
Lilianna Stawarz (Warsaw)
Balys Vaitkus (Vilnius)
The jury will decide the contest’s winners.
The jury has the right to refuse to award prizes, or to award prizes jointly to more than one winner (correspondingly dividing the relevant prize money).
Decisions of the jury are final. By agreeing to be bound by the rules of the competition, contestants waive all rights to recourse via legal action.


1st prize – 800 EUR
2nd prize – 600 EUR
3rd prize – 500 EUR
The jury may split the prizes above and/or choose to award special prizes.
The festival coordinators have the right to film, photograph, record and broadcast all performances in the contest, including the gala concert. All contestants will perform pro bono.

Application Form

The online application form is available [here].
Applications are open until 25 July 2022. After receiving each application, we will send the applicant a letter of confirmation, with a request to send us the following documents by 1 August 2022:
  • A copy of their ID document (passport, national ID card);
  • Proof of payment of the participation fee.
All applicants accepted for entry into the contest will receive a confirmation letter by 27 July 2022 at the latest.

Participation Fee

The participation fee to enter the SIGISMUNDUS LAUXMIN International Harpsichord Contest is 60 EUR. This fee must be transferred before 1 August 2022 to:
IBAN: LT277300010087839084
Bank name: SWEDBANK AB
Payment details: Lauxmin contest 2022 participation fee for [your Name and Surname]
The competition entry fee is non-refundable. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the contest in cases of force majeure. In the event of such a cancellation, all participation fees will be returned.